7 déc. 2013

fashion obsession

Does being "fashion obsessed" sometimes (or often) happen to you ?

When I say "fashion obsessed", I am not talking about the incredible and superexpensive piece you dream about since your diapered days, no, this is a all different matter. I am talking about another scenario, even more twisted and vicious : You're just casually entering a Zara boutique, an evening after getting out of work or of class. Until then, everything is going just fine. Of course, at this hour, as you're not the only one to have had the idea, the boutique is crowded. So you try to make your way in - knocking with your bag on the right, with your elbow on the left - and then you see IT. It ? Yes, THE beautiful, perfect and amazing piece, the one that could be the jewel of your dressing (before the next one). As you are a self-respecting shopper, you eagerly run to get it, look for your size, which - happiness - is available. You grab the beauty and then, BAM, out of nowhere, sudden attack from your conscience (you know, that unbearable angel who shows up above your shoulder) reminding you that :
1) Your bank account as already suffered a lot this month, and
2) "do-you-really-need-this-splendor ?" (since when is it required to NEED something to buy it ? This angel clearly does not understand fashion !) and blablabla, the pre-remorse of the overheated credit card.
So now you don't konw what to do, and then, you don't even know why, maybe in a self-destructive moment, you glance at the cash desks. Seriously, what is more repulsive than a 20 minute long line at the cash desk ?? It made me quit more than once. Than, tired and disheartened, and because you're already late to have dinner with your friend Leopoldine (I don't have a friend called Leopoldine, don't worry, it was just for fun), you put the object of desire right back where you found it, trying to convince yourself that it wasn't that beautiful. BIG MISTAKE.

A couple of days later, you have to admit that you absolutely didn't forget about this little perfection, on the contrary, you already triple checked on the Zara website that is was well and truly sold out in your size (of course, otherwise it woulbe too easy), and worst, you passed a girl wearing it on the streets, so the minute you are available, you run back to the boutique. One word : OUT. You can't find it anywhere, and after you went to each and everyone of the city boutiques, you spend days and nights trying to find it on eBay. If you're very lucky, you succeed, but not without hours and energy lost in the battle, and otherwise you just swear to yourself that you will NEVER EVER make that mistake again. The worst part is, when you think about it, it would have been so easier to just wait 20 minutes at the cash desk !

So, am I the only one completely insane or is this kind of behaviour a little familiar ?

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