25 août 2014

perfect denim


I think that a pair of perfect jeans can make any outfit look great
but I always find myself looking for THE denim pants that will be
perfect for my body shape, but not too expensive, because, let's
face it, I don't want to spend 200€ on jeans, even if they are great.


14 août 2014

bathing suit


These days I wish I was somewhere with a beach, a pool, a hot weather...
No, I am just in Paris, where the sun and the rain are playing with our nerves.
But you know what ? In my head, I am drinking a cocktail and wearing this bathing suit !

8 août 2014


Today, I wanted to talk about jewellery, so I sketched this hand and let me tell you, I think I
had never spent so much time on a drawing ! That said, I have to confessthat I am quite satisfied
with the result. So, jewellery... I have never been used to wear a lot of rings, bracelets, necklaces.
I have a few pieces that I was offered, got from my family or else, and I wear them almost all the
time, they have a sentimental value to me, and I don't buy other jewels, even when I find it
beautiful, because it's not the same feeling than wearing a family item or a gift from a friend.