24 févr. 2015

the hat

I love hats. Really. I see all those girls, so classy, with those minimalist looks
and those big and beautiful wool hats and I find it perfect. However, for some
reason that I can't quite understand myself, when it comes to wearing a hat, I
have some sort of blockage. It is not even that it doesn't suit me, I like my head
with a hat, but I just feel like it is "too much". Am I the only one having this sort
of weird feeling ? Please tell me so I don't think I am completely crazy !

14 févr. 2015

staying warm

I love it when the days are getting very cold, but with
a blue sky and the sun shining bright. I just take a big
knitted sweater, a wool scarf, a warm coat, and let's go !


18 janv. 2015

home styling

The thing I love the second most, right behind fashion, is home design. I spend a lot of
time wondering around in design stores, junk shops and flea markets to find stuff to add
to  my room decoration. These frames and cards you see on the photo are supposed to be
hanging on my wall, but I can't bring myself to bang in the first nail because I want it to
be amazing so I need to see it all clearly in my head before I start doing anything. Yep, I'm
 kind of a perfectionist ! I am blogging some interior decoration photos that inspire me on
my tumblr, if you want to take a look...