21 avr. 2014


It is that time of the year again, when the sun starts to show its face
and all we want to do is wear our shorts, skirts, dresses and get our
sunglasses out of their case ...

7 avr. 2014

victoria b.

 " L'ambition est une chance ! Si vous naissez avec de l'ambition et le goût du travail bien fait,
vous êtes béni. Tout le monde n'est pas comme ça, ce n'est pas grave,
mais vous avez beaucoup de chance si vous l'êtes."

Victoria Beckham -__________
Vogue Paris Decembre 2013 - Janvier 2014__________


31 mars 2014


I have to say I love hair accessories and particularly turbans...
... on other girls. Yes, I am incapable of finding it stylish on myself.
The worst thing is I try again and again to do new things with my hair,
but I don't know, something does not go the way it should I guess...
Or maybe is it just because I am not used to it ?