5 avr. 2015

sofia c.

Sofia Coppola -__________
Photo from Louis Vuitton collaboration__________

28 mars 2015


This season, I am rediscovering blue. I wasn't really used to
wearing a lot of blue, I don't really know why. Maybe that's
because I put touches of black in my outfits and I had a thing
against pairing these two colours... Anyway, I bought a lot of
blue dresses, shirts, and jackets lately, and I am loving it ! 

24 févr. 2015

the hat

I love hats. Really. I see all those girls, so classy, with those minimalist looks
and those big and beautiful wool hats and I find it perfect. However, for some
reason that I can't quite understand myself, when it comes to wearing a hat, I
have some sort of blockage. It is not even that it doesn't suit me, I like my head
with a hat, but I just feel like it is "too much". Am I the only one having this sort
of weird feeling ? Please tell me so I don't think I am completely crazy !