18 janv. 2015

home styling

The thing I love the second most, right behind fashion, is home design. I spend a lot of
time wondering around in design stores, junk shops and flea markets to find stuff to add
to  my room decoration. These frames and cards you see on the photo are supposed to be
hanging on my wall, but I can't bring myself to bang in the first nail because I want it to
be amazing so I need to see it all clearly in my head before I start doing anything. Yep, I'm
 kind of a perfectionist ! I am blogging some interior decoration photos that inspire me on
my tumblr, if you want to take a look...

11 janv. 2015


This article is getting published on the blog at the exact same time than the start of the "Republican walk" in Paris,
place de la République. As someone who owns a blog to express myself, I felt it was important to say a word about
all these events. My goal here is to pay my tribute to the people who died the last few days and to honor all the free
speech advocates. Let's not forget all the people murdered every day all around the world, just because they express
their ideas, their opinions and their beliefs.


4 janv. 2015


First post of 2015 ! To start, I am of course wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
I hope it will bring you joy,happiness, success, and so much more. Anyway, this is a sketch
I made a few days ago, as I am currently is a braid mood. My hair is getting long enough
for me to have some fun and dress them in many different ways, braids being by far what I
prefer to do. Do you have some ideas of other cool hairstyles I could give a try to ?